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Pelotan SPF 30 Travel Size Bundle


Pelotan comes in a Spray (pre-session) and a unique Roll-On (mid-session), giving you protection whenever and wherever you need it. Both products are lightweight, breathable and have been laboratory tested as lasting up to 8 hours at SPF30, even with sweat – meaning you can get a full day training outside without risking skin damage. With our new Travel Size bundle, you can take Pelotan in your carry-on luggage wherever you go, at a lower price than purchasing separately.

The Pelotan Travel Size bundle includes:

  • Our flagship Pelotan SPF30 100ml.
  • Our Pelotan Roll-On 50ml for simple and effective application wherever you are.



Pelotan is high-performance sun protection designed specifically to improve performance, maximise comfort and allow athletes around the world to avoid costly sunburn. Trusted by Grand Tour Winners, Olympic Gold Medallists, IRONMAN World Champions and multiple World, European and National Champions across Cycling and Triathlon, Pelotan is the choice of elite performers and amateur enthusiasts around the world.

The product has been developed for use in high intensity sports where the skin’s ability to breathe and sweat effectively is absolutely paramount. Pelotan’s unique formula binds with the skin without blocking pores, meaning your body can effectively regulate temperature and you can fully commit to your workout.

  • Lightweight and Breathable: Our lightweight consistency ensures an even coverage which is absorbed rapidly, whilst allowing the skin the breathe and sweat effectively.
  • Water and Sweat Resistant: Pelotan was developed to be water and sweat resistant, making it perfect for use in high intensity sports.
  • Broad Spectrum Protection: Pelotan offers both UVA and UVB protection, ensuring you stay fully protected from the sun’s harmful rays.
  • Eight Hours of Protection: With up to eight hours of protection, you can focus your effort on training or competition.

Pelotan doesn’t contain any parabens, preservatives or oxybenzones which can cause reactions in suncreams. It is dermatologically tested and is never tested on animals (they’re usually dreadful athletes anyway).

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