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Exposure to the sun is unavoidable when in the mountains; with every 1000-foot increase in height, U.V. levels increase by about 4% – so getting the right sun protection is vital unless you want to constantly top up messy cream on chairlifts or finish a day with panda eyes (sometimes both!).

Designed specifically for athletes, Pelotan is a ‘once-a-day’, water and sweat resistant sun protection brand that allows mountain lovers to stay on the slopes longer. The company’s flagship product is an alcohol-based spray which is clear, quickly absorbed, lightweight and breathable and has been tested as lasting up to eight hours at SPF 30.

For the past few years, we’ve been working with athletes at the very top of multiple sports and those who enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle, but seek a sun protection product that offers them maximum protection and comfort but doesn’t spoil the fun. Trusted by Olympic Champions, Grand Tour Winners, IRONMAN Champions, Snow and Mountain Sport Legends and Trail Runners around the world, Pelotan has become a go-to product for people living an active lifestyle.



We are excited to be involved with many events in the Snow Sports world, including various events across the winter season. These events will help us further communicate our message and demonstrate the importance of high-performance sun protection to athletes out on the slopes.

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